How to recycle pallets

How to recycle pallets

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With imagical palletsit's possiblebuildanything from the vertical vegetable garden to tables and chairs. Forrecycle palletsmore than particular skills you need skills how patience and creativity. There are those who have even managed to build a home for children withrecyclingof a large number ofpallet.

The house in question was built byAntony Mazelin and, given the versatility of thepallet, every good parent will be able to adapt it according to their space needs. After all ... what child does not want to have a wooden house for his games? Who needs simpler ideas for therecycling of pallets can aim at the construction of small sofas without backs or tables.

To make a table, simply stack several pallets on top of each other and cover it with fabric. Similarly, to set up a session with godspallet, just stack them on top of each other and cover them with soft cushions and sofa upholstery. In both cases, ipalletthey will have to be placed one on top of the other and fixed either with special ultra-resistant wood glue or with nails ... those who have a screwdriver drill can weld them together with fairly long screws.

Any work of recycling you intend to do, we remind you that, when affixing screws or nails, you must be careful not to work in the area where the wood has knots that are sometimes too hard even for a 12 volt drill!


How to recycle pallets, materials
If the ideas are very versatile, the materials for therecycling of palletsthey are pretty standard. Forrecycle palletsyou will certainly need:

  • a hacksaw to adjust the size
  • a hammer with nails
  • a drill, a screwdriver
  • one meter
  • a nail remover (crowbar)

Among the materials "optional "we find the waterproofing paint to make the wood resistant to bad weather, a coloring paint, hooks to fix the pallets to a wall, wheels to make the construct "mobile"… Many ideas are available in our photo gallery.

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