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Ten Actions for Zero Waste

Ten Actions for Zero Waste

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With waste we have made the world worse, now let's backtrack and avoid destroying it. We then begin to better manage waste but also the production of objects that become waste. Aware that a commitment of this type involves citizens, companies and institutions.

The bookTen Actions for Zero Waste edited by Roberto Cavallo and published in November 2013, it tells of virtuous Italian experiences marked by that 'Zero Waste' strategy in which - we learn from the book - Italy boasts the largest number in the world of administrations, territorial realities and associations involved.

Waste is a modern problem, only a couple of generations old. A century ago almost everything was biodegradable in a limited time and produced to last a long time. Then came the age of plastic, synthetic chemistry, consumerism, ephemeral well-being and we got drunk on non-biodegradable, sometimes even toxic, products that can accumulate for thousands of years. For the first time in human history, our waste has changed the face of the world.

What is perhaps not yet clear is that, as Luca Mercalli writes in his preface: "Of waste you die!". Today, however, industry and chemistry, which are not a problem but an opportunity (depending on the use), can help us straighten the situation if we know how to assign them the goal (one step after another) of Zero waste.

Ten actions for zero waste. An operational strategy for municipalities, companies and citizens

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