How to heat a greenhouse

How to heat a greenhouse

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Heating a greenhouse is always worthwhile: one heated greenhouse increases the yield of the harvest, expands the circle of cultivable varieties and makes the garden perfect even in the winter months. On the market there are methane burners, condensers, heating for greenhouses that exploit geothermal energy ... in short, the choice is wide, the only problem is that technology costs.

Forheat a greenhouseyou can try the waynatural, very mild but can be convenient for those who live in southern Italy and the way "artificial" which leaves little choice to the wallet.

How to heat a greenhouse, all advice

  • Cover the inside of the greenhouse with a layer of large bubble wrap. Large bubbles let in more light.
  • Mount a maximum and minimum thermometer to monitor the temperature
  • Display the greenhouse as close as possible to the south wall of the house
  • Insert a few black trays with water inside the greenhouse: the water absorbs the heat and releases it at night in the form of humidity.
  • Consider the purchase of a "Paraffin heater for small and medium greenhouses", there are on the market at a price of about 50 euros. They do not require any connection to the electricity network, therefore no extension cables or electrical sockets are needed, with a 4.5 liter tank they can heat the greenhouse for at least 7 days.

How to heat a greenhouse, drastic remedies
Without spending a fortune, one can invest in a greenhouse heating system. The classic example is given by electric fan heaters (commonly called "hot bath ").

The ideal would be to buy a fan heater and connect it to a timer so as to automate the exclusive activation only in the coldest hours of the day (mandatory at night).

When choosing the fan heater, prefer an oscillating model and choose the power according to the size of thegreenhouse to be heated. For long-term savings, choose a class A +++ fan heater. To make the fan heater even more efficient, provide thermal insulation of thegreenhousefollowing the tips listed above among the useful tips.

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