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In Piazza Duomo, return to Agriculture

In Piazza Duomo, return to Agriculture

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The spirit of Expo 2015 is already being felt a Milan so much so that the iconic Piazza Duomo will undergo a green metamorphosis: the first competition ofideasto redesign the flower beds ofPiazza Duomo, and, from the competition, a project that relaunches agriculture and horticulture in the heart of Milan was the winner.

L'Universal Exposition"Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"it is still a long way off but has already struck everyone's interest; we are not talking about the commercial broadcast on Italian TV, rather we are referring to local and international effects ranging from the celebrations in Bosnia and Poland that have raised the number of participating nations to 141, up to the calls for tenders where the theme Expo 2015it always comes out a winner. Almost all of the 141 participating countries have already launched a call for tenders for the construction of the Expo pavilion: it was recently announced that the Czech pavilion forExpo 2015it will be made with recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

The theme ofExpo 2015also affects outside the scope "Universal Exhibition "so much so that in the symbolic square ofMilanPiazza Duomo, two small groves will be created on the sides that will frame a series of central flower beds built on various levels as already seen with the raised garden technique.

The raised flowerbeds will host grasses such as wheat, oats, rye and barley, there will be no shortage of vegetables, among the already certain varieties are aromatic herbs such as mint, rue, lavender and rosemary. As for the side groves, the trees will be of medium size and with a height of no more than 3-4 meters; probably, in the choice will be favored the hornbeam, with its very vigorous foliage and the clerodendron, with its colorful flowers.

The winning project was presented by Nespoli Vivai of Carugate, in collaboration with Konica Minolta and the Lissoni architecture studio. The preparation of the raised flower beds and the planting of the plants will take place in the coming weeks, in compatibility with the weather conditions.

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