Calabria, a great ally of photovoltaics

Calabria, a great ally of photovoltaics

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In Calabria, this 2013 ended under the banner of environmental sustainability and renewable energies. ThereTelesun Solar, one of the world's leading manufacturers of ePhotovoltaic cells, has concluded an ambitious projectphotovoltaicin the Calabrian city of Girifalco.

Calabria seems to be an excellent ally ofphotovoltaic energy,This is demonstrated by two large plants built a short distance from each other, that of San Floro - with a capacity of over 23 MW - and the aforementioned plant of Girifalco.

TheGirifalco solar park it has a capacity of 14.3 MW and was made operational in just 20 days: a record time if you consider that in just over these two weeks the excavations and connection to the electricity grid were completed.

Unfortunately, the reduction of state incentives for the sector photovoltaic has led in recent months to a significant setback on future developments in the Italian solar market. Despite this, when it comes to efficiency, energy performance manages to overcome any perplexity related to investments.

According to Arthur Chien, Vice President of Talesun Solar, "In the coming months, the implementation of new legislation on incentives is expected which, based on the German model, will establish guaranteed fixed prices for electricity generated by solar technologies

The intensity of irradiation in the south of Italy is particularly high and by tilting the modules by 30 ° / 35 ° towards the south, yields of over 2000 kWk / m² could be achieved. Solar radiation is measured with sensors capable of detecting how much solar radiation reaches the site where a system is to be installed and, according to the findings, the regionCalabriaseems to be the ideal candidate to hostphotovoltaic systemsmedium and large size!

According to the Telesun experts, "Italy still remains one of the most important markets in Europe. Analysts expect an increase in installed capacity of 2GW for this year with a positive trend that will continue in 2014 as well.

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