Solar cooling and solar thermal

Solar cooling and solar thermal

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We all associate thesolar powerto heat but withsolar cooling systemsit is also possible to produce cold air so that thesolar coolingis commonly called "solar conditioning". Solar cooling systems can exploit solar energy in different ways, so we have solar air conditioners where cooling is obtained through passive solar technologies, conversion through solar thermal or more simply with classic photovoltaics.

To explain what aSolar Cooling systemis Kloben, a company specializing in energy efficiency solutions through solar thermal.
Solar Cooling is a simple concept system that uses little energy from other sources to operate. Potentials of up to a few megawatts in cold can be obtained by consuming only electricity for the circulation of system fluids. The real energy is provided by the sun in a continuous and quantitative way since each of these systems provides one or more thermal accumulations storing hot water heated by vacuum tube solar collectors.

The machines used to condition the air or refrigerate the water are the result of a few decades of research and technical improvement: the natural hygroscopicity of some salts such as lithium bromide or lithium chloride, close relatives of normal table salt, is exploited to generate a refrigeration cycle continuously regenerated by the sun. Once the low temperature air or water is produced, it is distributed in the building or in the production process through canalization or pipes.

Thus, the same solar collectors capable of producing winter heating can also produce cold air in summer. Then there is another consideration to be made: solar cooling systems are most operational precisely when there is the greatest availability of sun. In summer, the hours of the day when there is the greatest demand for cold for air conditioning of buildings, coincide with the maximum availability of solar radiation.

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