When does the AirPod arrive? The compressed air car

When does the AirPod arrive? The compressed air car

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While we expected theAirPods upset the automotive market by the end of 2013, we are now at the beginning of 2014 andcompressed air car,fruit of the agreement between the Tata group and Motor Development International, not even the shadow is visible.

L'AirPods is the car that "soon"should reach the Italian market with a price crisis proof, 7,000 euros! Of course, great revolutions need time but impatience rises ... let's see where we are: when theAirPod exit?

A few weeks ago we told you aboutcompressed air carborn from the meeting of two young minds, the car made with lego constructions. An ad from the French carmaker, theCitroen, gives us hope: in 2016 hisC4 Cactusit should be equipped with hybrid drive where the alternative power supply will not be guaranteed by the classic electric socket but bycompressed air. In fact, spreading acompressed air cardoes not seem an easy undertaking.

Not being able to count on the certainties of a distribution network, MDI (Motor Development International) has decided to invest in factories rather than dealers, so the development plan of the Luxembourg-based company sees the setting up of 25 factories in France and to follow, the establishment of 20 small factories in Italy. Then it will be necessary to launch a network of infrastructures for the supply ofAriMobility.

It is planned to install specific large compressors in public places such as petrol stations, car parks and large shopping centers. With these particular compressors, refueling times amount to a couple of minutes, less than a "full" of gasoline than any fuel-powered sedan and even cheaper.

A full ofcompressed airyou pay 1.50 euros. The first Italian factory ofAirPodsis in the start-up phase in Sardinia. The sustainability ofAirPods can be seen starting from the production chain: the factory has a photovoltaic system with a power of 1 MW capable of meeting the energy needs of the entire structure. The benefits are also many for the local population with the creation of numerous jobs (30 only for the initial phase).

The production capacity of the Sardinian plant should be 1000 cars per year with the hope that the success of the products will allow the hiring of other people to increase production up to 2000 machines per year. All the info is available

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