How to sprout seeds with the paper towel method

How to sprout seeds with the paper towel method

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In this article we have seen the method ofgerminationmore traditional with two great ingredients: soil and patience. Today we will seehow to sprout seedswith the method ofpaper towelor any absorbent paper. To dosprout the seedsyou will need few materials, cheap and also easily available.

In this guide, for each need we will explain the meaning and its usefulness.

  • Chamomile
    To soften the integument of theseedsthe preparation of an infusion based on chamomile is recommended. Make chamomile tea and soak your seeds for 24-36 hours. By doing so iseedsthey will germinatefaster, more evenly and more vigorously.
  • Scottex
    The quantity of blotting paper sheets is closely related to that ofseeds to germinate. The paper towel must be moistened with a few drops of water before "sowing". The paper towel will be used to cover the bottom of a transparent box. Better to use colorless absorbent paper, free of drawings and inks.
  • Transparent plastic box
    With a transparent plastic box it will be possible to create the environment suitable forsprout the seeds. The box must have a perforated lid to ensure air entry. Cover the bottom of the box with paper towels and moisten the box.
  • Seeds
    The seeds must be "Young people". Make sure you have purchased packaged seeds only a few months before purchase: the older a seed is, the less likely it is that it willsprouts. When the seed germinates, the small rootlets will begin to develop entangling themselves in the texture of the absorbent paper; when you observe this phenomenon it will be time to transfer the shoots and wait for the growth of the plant for possible planting in the ground.

Useful tips
- Between one seed and the other it is necessary to leave enough space to allow the radicles to escape.
-Before laying the seed, soak the paper towels with water which should preferably be slightly calcareous.

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