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How to grow plants on the terrace

How to grow plants on the terrace

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Even if you do not have a green space, it is possible to try your hand at the cultivation of both ornamental and fruit plants; just take advantage of small rooms such as the balcony and the terrace. There are small strategies to see a luxuriant vegetation grow with garden flowers or a small vegetable garden. It should be noted that factors such as climate and exposure must be taken into due consideration, carefully evaluating which garden plants are more or less suitable for growing in this space. In this regard we will now show you how to grow plants on the terrace following some useful indications.

How to grow plants on the terrace, ornamental plants
The terrace plants that are best suited to be grown are for example dwarf roses, camellias, rustic azaleas and rhododendrons: they are very resistant to cold. There are some species such as gerberas, hibiscus and other tropical plants that during the cold season must be sheltered in a warm and protected place. Other species such as bougainvillea and jasmine must be protected with adequate shelter. Among the climbing plants we find ivy or wisteria, which can easily grow vertically on walls or racks to create partitions or shelters from the wind.
Among the plants with less maintenance we find evergreen and perennial shrubs, which do not leave leaves and do not need to be periodically renewed. Then there are the aromatic plants, such as basil, sage, rosemary, chives, etc. which do not require special care and which are useful in the kitchen; these plants should be placed in partial shade therefore never under direct sun and watered regularly.

How to grow plants on the terrace, fruit plants
It is also possible to grow some fruit plants such as apple trees, plums, peaches, medlars, preferably in dwarf varieties. Before placing the plant in question, here are some tips:

  • The pot must be at least half a meter wide and tall
  • Good exposure is needed, especially for apple and pomegranate trees
  • The kiwi must be buried in a pot with a lot of soil and being dioecious it needs male and female plants to be able to bear fruit.

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