New Year's Eve in New York is celebrated by bicycle

New Year's Eve in New York is celebrated by bicycle

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Thenew year in New Yorkis famous for the superstitious sphere that falls from a tower ofTimes Squareat midnight on December 31 of each year. With this symbolic gesture,New York,celebrates the arrival of the new year.

This tradition has its roots in the distant 31st December 1907; Since that night, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered to watch the Waterford crystal ball being dropped along a pole at the top of the building (One Times Square) to kick off the new year.

The descent of the sphere replaced an abundant launch of fireworks from the top of the building. Around 750,000 people gather in Times Square every year for the fateful end-of-year countdown.


With the arrival of 2014, the new year in New Yorkit will be even more sustainable: on the one hand, as has been the law since 1907, the fine dust emitted by fireworks is avoided and on the other hand, the entire lighting of the sphere will be provided by a fleet of bicycles connected to a generator.

The announcement was made by the Transport CommissionerJanette Sadik-Khanwhich has set up a fleet of bicycles capable of producing 75 watts per hour. Times Square's bikes will be ridden by the guests themselves! For this year, the sphere that will fall from the top of One Times Square building will be illuminated by 30,000 energy-efficient lights.


In short, a New Yorkthe new year starts pedaling! The fleet of bicycles is given by the stationPedal Power Citi Bikewhich will become an icon of this 2014 Eve. The Pedal Power Citi Bike Station is located on the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 24th Street. The program sees a first opening to the public already this 28 and 22 December from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

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