Tips for cycling in winter

Tips for cycling in winter

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After the tips for a good winter camping come those forbreak the icein bicycle. With the bad season there are those who deposit thebikein the garage and those who, fearless, jump in the saddle to go to work, school or the supermarket! For us Italians, go inbike in winterit is an authentic act of courage but just look at some countries of northern Europe to understand that there is nothing so strange: in the Dutch capital you continue to ride a bicycle even when the canals of Amsterdam are frozen!

Exit inbicyclealso ofwintermeans making a big contribution to the world of cycling: maybe therebikeit will also become mainstream in Italy, just like in the Netherlands.


The suggestion we will not give you concerns the purchase of technical clothing! Who goes inbicyclein winterit is not very different from those who walk the snowy streets. The only difference lies in the thermal factor, the cyclist's body cools down differently; if a pedestrian needs a big warm coat, who goes inbikewill need a lighter coat, perhaps with a windproof jacket. The classic winter coat is too warm to go inbike,better to wear a sweater and a lighter jacket. Whenride a bike in winter, what can bother you is the cold in your hands and water on your feet, especially when there are snow and puddles.

A cyclist can't put his hands in his pockets, many cyclists recommend a pair of lobster gloves, but who doesn't want to spend 60 euros for a pair of gloves to use only inbike, snow, motorcyclist or snowboard gloves can be used. The important thing is that they are warm and with a waterproof component.

There are those who wear, just above the jacket and tie, big waterproof trousers and a screen. These are best worn only on very cold days.


Whether it's summer or winter, the safety factor must never be neglected. Remember that visibility is everything, at this juncture do not be afraid to spend a little more to buy position lights.

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