Vases to decorate terrace and balcony

Vases to decorate terrace and balcony

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There are many ideas for furnishing theterraceand those who love nature will not be able to resist the temptation to decorate terraces and balconies withflower pots or from vegetables. THEvases for the terrace, unlike domestic ones, they must be less delicate and more resistant to atmospheric agents such as rain, hail, snow and wind.

The first thing to understand is the position of thevases, if these are to be placed on railings or walls, a choice must be madevaseswall units,vaseslight or made ad hoc for the purpose. THEflower potsif well disposed, they are able to offer an environment full of comfort and "heat"without losing points in elegance.

Counters eterraces,with the right furniture, they transform into respectable outdoor living rooms. THEflower potsthey can be arranged between the seats, near railings and fences, or feature a green island, given only by plants. Ajarfor theterraceit must be resistant to the signs of aging especially as regards the color: often ivasesthey tend to discolour due to rain and humidity.


At the time of purchase, make sure the composition materials of thejarand ask the merchant for clarification. In our photo gallery we offer you somevasesspecially made for outdoor use and therefore, by nature, resistant to atmospheric agents and discoloration.

They exist on the marketvasesfor outdoor use in marble-like or imitation stone material. There is no shortage of classic terracotta pots, amphorae or self-watering pots. Yes, you got it right, it's aboutoutdoor potsable to independently provide for the water needs of the plant, they succeed thanks to an internal tank that must be filled once a month. At this link all the details. Other models are proposed in our photo gallery.


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