Do-it-yourself detergent: baking soda and lemon

Do-it-yourself detergent: baking soda and lemon

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Today we will see how to prepare a detergent natural by exploiting baking soda and lemon. Many housewives, for cleaning the toilets (toilet, sink, bidet, bathtub ...), usually mix a few tablespoons full of bleach bicarbonate, this to combine the disinfectant action of bleach with the whitening action ofsodium bicarbonate.

Still others combine a glass of lemon juice with about 4 liters of hot water and use this solution to whiten socks and white underwear. In short, if taken individually,baking soda and lemon, are as effective asdetergentsnatural, then together they will be a real bomb!

Thedetergentfor the dishwasher can be really expensive, as well as polluting: most ofdetergentsfor the dishes are full of chemicals that can damage both the home environment and the environment seen as an ecosystem. In addition, if the tap at home provides you with particularly hard water, most of the classicsdetergentsfrom the shelf lose their effectiveness.

To prepare adetergentnatural you will need:
juice of one lemon (at least two large tablespoons)
1/4 cup ofbicarbonatesodium
1/4 cup of borax
1 teaspoon of coarse salt

Mix the ingredients together and pour them into the dishwasher compartment. Close and… carry out the wash. Remember to operate the dishwasher only when fully loaded.

Thebicarbonatesoftens the water while thelemonacts as a powerful anti-limescale and anti-odor. With the lemonit is possible to polish pots and pans and other aluminum components. Furthermore, if your microwave oven has encrustations, it can be cleaned without the use of a particularly abrasive sponge: mix three heaping tablespoons of lemon juice in half a cup of water, place the solution in a microwave-safe bowl, operate the oven at high intensity for 5-10 minutes to allow the steam to condense on the internal walls of the oven and "soften"incrustations. Then you just need a brush or a cloth to remove the impurities and polish the oven!

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