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How to grow Swiss chard

How to grow Swiss chard

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ThereChardbrings with it all the nutritional benefits of vegetables. It has only 17 kcal for every 100 grams, the collection of thechardtakes place from March to November in northern Italy, from February to April in midday and until December in the south. Today we will seehow to grow chardstarting from the seed or from the plant ready for planting.

Therechard most common is that fromribs, “chard vulgaris variety cycla ". It can be sown in the open field from March to November, in the seedbed the sowing can take place as early as February. After germination, the seedling is grown until the moment of planting which, for those who sow in late February - early March, will take place between the months of March and April. The seedlings must be planted after germination, when thechardwill have developed at least 6 leaflets.

Therechardprefers a temperate climate, does not have great needs forcultivationhowever it prefers a medium-textured, fresh, fertile and well-drained soil. As for fertilization, it is advisable to proceed with fertilizing the soil before planting. In any case, to keep the soil healthy and always fertile for thegrowing vegetables, it is advisable to fertilize with organic matter before annual plowing.

Therechardcould becultivatedwith a large number of vegetables, the important thing is that at least 30 cm of distance are interposed between one row to another. The harvest takes place in the months indicated above, generally the harvest begins about two three months after transplanting or sowing in the open field.

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