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How to fight parasites

How to fight parasites

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In winter, the garden doesn't need a lot of care but that doesn't mean that maintenance is completely absent. In this regard it is good to know that i parasites they can bear even the harsh temperatures, leading to harmful attacks for our plants; this happens especially if the plants are in the house in the heat, without rain and humidity. But let's see in detail how to fight parasites with natural remedies.

How to fight parasites, decorative plants

  • Among the parasites that we mostly find in house plants we find the cochineal; to remove them naturally, it is sufficient to resort to a cotton swab soaked in alcohol: there are also chemical treatments but they can be harmful to four-legged friends and children.
  • Another unwanted guest among the house plants is the red spider; it hates humidity, so to eradicate it, just spray the foliage of the plant with water or place expanded clay in the saucer to keep wet. Alternatively, you can use garlic: just boil three chopped garlic heads in a liter of water, then filter everything and spray the solution against the parasite.
  • If whiteflies are your problem, you can use a natural pyrethrum extract. Just spray the solution on the leaves of the plant.

How to fight parasites, garden plants
As we have already mentioned, even outdoor plants are subject to attack by parasites.
The plants most at risk are the fruit ones, which are generally attacked by parasites such as brumal butterflies; particular attention deserves the apple orchard which must be covered by scab or apple worm. Fortunately, however, these problems can be avoided with proper prevention which consists of some specific practices:

  • eliminate the fruits that have fallen to the ground and those that remain rotten on the branches
  • cut off diseased branches
  • eradicate vegetables that have finished their vegetative cycle.
  • in case of cracks in the bark of trees caused by frost, apply a decoction of horsetail and clay with a brush: it serves to facilitate its regeneration without intruders creeping in
  • mulch the soil at the base of the shrubs with straw or bark.

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