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The digital newsstand awarded: innovative and eco-sustainable

The digital newsstand awarded: innovative and eco-sustainable

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An award to the inventor ofdigital newsstand self service Meganews Magazines because "Panointing innovation, the company Meganews has managed to change the traditional distribution logic of the publishing market”. The motivation for the Cordial Business Awards also states that Thanks to the availability of a wide range of magazines and newspapers and the print on demand model, Meganews has created an innovative, personalized and eco-sustainable service.

L'digital newsstand self service Meganews is a vending kiosk that, connected to the Internet, allows you to choose from over 200 magazines and newspapers and takes just two minutes to print on-demand a paper format that can be taken from the dispenser. Thanks to this solution, publishers can reduce distribution and logistics costs because there is no need to transport newspapers to the newsstand. The digital newsstand minimizes the environmental impact even by reducing waste of paper (no returns: only the requested newspapers are printed).

The Swedish organizers of the Cordial Business Awards awarded thedigital newsstand Meganews specifying that The service has not been active for very long, but the positive feedback that followed the launch shows the potential of the kiosk that can revolutionize the distribution of newspapers and magazines, in Sweden and around the world. Thanks to the agreements with suppliers, the global distribution network and the value offered Meganews wants to bring innovation and in withtime make paper newspapers survive ".

The invention of Meganews is of the television journalist Lars Adaktusson, together with his brother Hans and their company Meganews Sweden. The solution is based on Ricoh's Production Printing technology, which it supported Meganews also in the development of the idea. Currently thedigital newsstand Meganews is available at Stockholm's Mood Shopping Arcade and Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. It is planned to be installed in hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and shopping centers.

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