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Expo 2015 at the Sodalitas Social Award

Expo 2015 at the Sodalitas Social Award

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The themes of Expo 2015 find space in the 2014 edition of Sodalitas Social Award, an authoritative award for corporate sustainability in Italy organized by the Sodalitas Foundation. In fact, a special prize is dedicated to the universal exhibition for sustainability and innovation projects linked to the title of Expo 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'. A second special award was set up for small and medium-sized enterprises, the cornerstone of the Italian system.

At previous editions of the Sodalitas Social Award (that of 2014 is the 12th) attended by 1600 companies with over 2000 projects presented and evaluated, all available online in Sodalitas Social Solution, the most complete database on corporate sustainability in Europe.

The Sodalitas Social Award 2014 envisages six official categories: enhancement of the person and protection of work; employment of young people and promotion of self-entrepreneurship and job placement; partnership in the community and social innovation; environmental protection and awareness; sustainable consumption and responsible supply chain; social responsibility initiatives carried out by public institutions and bodies. To these are added the special prizes for SMEs and for sustainability and innovation projects in support of Expo 2015.

To the Sodalitas Social Award Companies of all sizes and sectors, entrepreneurial associations, industrial districts, local authorities and public or school institutions can compete (free of charge). All you need is to fill in the registration form that can be downloaded from the website of Sodalitas Foundation and send it in electronic format by February 28, 2014 to the address you find below.

At the previous edition of Sodalitas Social Award 192 companies participated with 244 projects. The Sodalitas Foundation also promoted in Italy, on behalf of the European Commission, the first European CSR Award (an initiative of CSR Europe and Business in the Community) promoted with the aim of giving visibility to European partnerships between companies and stakeholders.

Subscriptions to the Sodalitas Social Award must be sent to [email protected]

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