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How to grow the caper

How to grow the caper

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ll caper it is an evergreen shrub typical of the Mediterranean area that can grow in different conditions: we find it on rocky slopes, alongside green lawns and in gardens as an ornamental plant. Here's how to proceed if you decide di grow a caper in your garden. Before proceeding, know that a caper lasts about 20-30 years.

Cultivating the caper, the plant
The best time to plant a capers it is between January and February, the soil is still very humid and therefore it becomes easier for young plants to take root.

  1. Prepare the soil adequately in order to allow the appropriate annual tillage. It is important to make a hole about 50-60 deep: the roots of the caper go very deep.
  2. Enrich the soil with a potassium oxide based fertilizer
  3. Place the seedlings at a depth of about 35 cm, with a distance between the rows of 2 meters and along the rows of about 1 meter: first, however, you will have to lighten the root system a little and free all the aerial part with a drastic pruning, starting about 3 cm above the plant collar
  4. Irrigate approximately 3 times during the first year of planting: it does not require extensive watering, it is a plant used to resist even in rather dry outdoor environments

Cultivating the caper, useful information

  • It is preferable to completely cover the plant with a light layer of earth (about 1 cm) to protect it from possible frosts and cold winds.
  • Harvest before the phase in which the plant begins flowering: the smallest capers are the best quality ones and every 10 days the caper plant will produce new tapini (capers).

In summer it is possible to reproduce by cuttings: just use the part of the woody branches of the plant to bury them in a mixture of peat, soil and sand.

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