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Garden care in the fall

Garden care in the fall

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With autumn, the first cold days arrive and the plants in the garden are the first to be affected, and flowers and plants begin to lose petals and leaves. It is therefore time to take care of the garden properly to preserve their health. For a few weeks the hours of light have been significantly reducing and temperatures are gradually lowering, leading to the rest of the vegetative activity. In this regard we will now show you how to take care of the garden in view of the cold seasons.

Garden care, pruning
For a correct development and maintenance of the plant parts, including turf, it is good to practice some maintenance rules. Among the main cultural treatments to be carried out within the green space, here's what to do:

  • Pruning flowers and plants: the longer green branches will be cut slightly at the level of the ends of the plant with garden shears: make sure that the tools have already been disinfected to avoid the contagion of any diseases from plants to plants
  • Also prune the branches and flower peduncles, removing at the same time also the garden flowers that are dry or withered
  • Prune the suckers to prevent them from subtracting the nutrients needed by the plants to thrive: these are the branches that develop directly from the trunk of the outdoor plants: they must be carefully pruned

Garden care, the fertilizer
For a correct development of flowers and plants, the soil must be fertilized carefully, preferably excluding chemical fertilizers in favor of the biological ones which contain the main nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

In addition to pruning and fertilizer, it is also good to protect the plants in view of cold days. In this regard it is good to cover the plants with non-woven fabric and mulch the soil with leaves, at least for the most delicate plants.

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