High design urban lampposts

High design urban lampposts

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THEstreet lampsconstitute a key element of the furnitureurban, even better if it is a complement ofdesign, beautiful, functional and intelligent. This is the case of some innovative proposals that come from the market or fromindustrial design and that have been received in some cities scattered around the globe. THEurban street lampsbefore having a captivating aesthetic they must necessarily provide the adequate light input and be highly efficient so as not to burden the pockets of local administrations even in the long term.

The idea behind many projects is very simple: the street lamps are off during the day, so why not take advantage of their continuous exposure to sunlight to accumulate the energy needed to ensure night lighting? With this premise, iurban street lampsmore "intelligent" have been equipped with photovoltaic modules and storage units designed to store the energy collected by solar cells. In this direction we mention the industrial project designer Hungarian Adam Mikloski who withMango Street Lightarrived in New Delhi. Aurban lamppostpointing less to thedesignand more to practicality is theArchilede High Performance which with the LED system allows you to reduce public lighting costs by up to 80%.

LOOK SmartLight. Staying on the subject of Made in Italy, the Italian designer Giancarlo Zema has designedLotusfor the Bergamo-based company LumineXence. Lotus not only lights up, it can boast different configurations that provide shelter from rain and sun, thanks to which the system is able to produce enough energy to power an electric car.

LOOK WindTulip, is equipped with an LED system, batteries incorporated in the axis and wind turbines capable of exploiting the energy of the wind. Who does not want to miss anything, can aim for theurban lamppostHolonic Streetlamp capable of exploiting both wind energy and solar energy.

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