Twenty days to build a solar park in Calabria

Twenty days to build a solar park in Calabria

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It took 20 days, from excavations to the connection, for the installation of a solar park from 14.3 MW to Grifalco, in Calabria. This is also the testimony that the industry of photovoltaic can count on mature and tested tenologies which, not without repercussions mind you, can begin to do without the doping of state incentives thanks to the high yields obtainable. Only high yields can make you forget about incentives.

Incentives, as we know, have been drastically reduced in recent times and this has led in recent months to a significant setback on future developments in the Italian market for solar technologies. Nevertheless, for many operators the sector photovoltaic Italian continues to show important indicators that affirm its vitality.

To the point that analysts expect an increase in capacity for 2013 photovoltaic installed by 2GW with a positive trend that will continue in 2014. It helps that the new legislation on incentives is expected shortly (we hope) which, based on the German model, will establish guaranteed fixed prices for electricity generated by solar technologies.

Among the operators in the sector solar who see Italy well is Telesun, the company that created the solar park in Grifalco after having developed it in collaboration with local partners. Telesun specializes in turnkey plants and for this work it used two types of polycrystalline modules able to adapt to the conditions of the territory.

In particular, the durability and resistance to 'salt spray' tests were considered (fundamental criteria for solar systems positioned near the sea or at the foot of the mountains). Just last year, Talesun successfully installed a solar park of 23.8 MW in the city of San Floro, just 13 km away from the new plant.

The intensity ofsolar irradiation in Calabria and in the rest of southern Italy it is particularly high and by tilting the modules of 30 ° / 35 ° towards the south, yields of over 2000 kWk / m² could be achieved. This makes it particularly interesting and profitable for operators in the sector of solar technologies support projects in this geographical area.

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