Decoupage with real leaves

Decoupage with real leaves

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When it comes todecorationsNature represents a key element: starting from indoor plants up to the more complex techniques of natural painting. Nature, with thereal leaves,can also help us with thedecoupage. Thedecoupage with real leavesmanages to give chromatic nuances full of suggestion. The leaves, based on sun exposure, in autumn they take on colors ranging from yellow to burgundy.

The ideal support to use for thedecoupage with real leavesit is glass; glass plates and trays but with a little more experience, even glass jars can be used, thanks to their transparency.

The first thing to do to decorate a tray with thedecoupage with real leavesis to take care of the leaves that must be dried and pressed. Theleavesthey must adhere to the glass surface in this way: spread a layer of vinyl glue on the glass with the brush, glue the leaves and apply a second coat of glue over the entire surface, including the leaves. At this point all that remains is to apply a sheet of rice paper, once again spreading a layer of glue.

It will then be necessary to eliminate the surplus of rice paper; To make the work more resistant and lasting, it will be necessary to carry out several coats of clear varnish, even more suitable is the water-based glazing agent. When the work is completely dry, it will be ready to furnish a corner of the house or to be packed and given away!

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