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Solar-powered automation

Solar-powered automation

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From more and more push automation of plants and devices, industrial and residential, will result in an increasing consumption of power. So say the forecasts of the experts revealing the problem of higher consumption. We think of the robotic lines of a factory or of the small appliances found in any home.

The sun, fortunately, is giving us a hand. L'solar power, and not only that produced by large parks solar, it can contribute to energy needs and in many cases it is enough to power automatic devices of small range but of great diffusion, such as those of the domestic type.

In short, you can get thepower which is needed to make many things work at home and outside without depending on any energy manager because thepower it's kind solar and it is directly supplied by the sun. An example in this sense is Ecosol.

Eco as economy and Sol as solar: economize (save) withenergy of the sun. Ecosol is a power system a solar power in low voltage for automatic devices consisting of two elements: a Solar Panel, which can be installed on a column, capable of producing 10 Watts of power, and a control unit that houses the batteries. The latter have considerable autonomy and can accumulatepower and then make it available even during the night or in the absence of light.

Where can you use it Ecosol? Well, many possible uses in the residential area come to mind considering that the system is compatible with all 24V systems, and that it allows you to power up to two motors. An example can be an installation to power the controls of a swing gate. But the effectiveness is tangible in many other situations and especially in those where it is difficult to carry cables and power.

One of the advantages of this system is a solar power at the service ofautomation is that its various components can be connected through watertight quick-fit connectors for maximum ease of installation and management. Furthermore, the control unit is equipped with a convenient handle on the upper side when it is necessary to connect it to the mains to recharge the batteries.

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