Save space with bike hangers

Save space with bike hangers

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To fix onebicycleon the wall you can take advantage of different strategies, the cheaper ones involve the use of special onesbike hooks, these are supports which, once anchored to the wall, are able to support thebicycle. This solution is very convenient for "archive "therebicyclein the long winter periods, when the snow and rain make bike rides impossible.

Usually the installation of the bike hanger is extremely simple, just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and available inside the purchase package of the hook.


Before you canhang upabikea very solid and stable wall must be identified on the wall. In summary, to use ahookto fix the bike to the wall, it will be necessary to continue in this way:

  1. Choose a solid and stable wall.
  2. Fix the appropriate anchors in the wall.
  3. Screw the hooks straight on.

Before buying a hook or a shaft support make sure your model of bicycleis compatible. Most of hooks are made for standard sports bikes, if you have a particularly elaborate or heavy bike, i hooks standards may not be adequate; as an alternative tohooks, to hang more elaborate bikes, there are axle fixing systems on the market that support the bicycle at the height of the frame, these systems have a higher load capacity.


In this context, the designers did not hold back and put forward proposals with a very attractive look. The supports forhang the bike on the wallthey come in different models, from a more sober and minimal design to more showy and eccentric stands.

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