How to make Chantilly cream

How to make Chantilly cream

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There Chantilly cream, undoubtedly among the best creams used to fill and decorate desserts, it is able to make any dessert greedy and light. Legend has it that François Vatel, a 17th century cook at the court of Chantilly castle, fief of the Prince of Condé, invented this very delicate cream. The cream is made with simple ingredients: fresh whipped cream, vanilla bean and powdered sugar. Its success probably derives from this simplicity. Quick and easy to prepare, Chantilly cream will allow you to fill your cakes ....... and in case of emergency you can serve it with fresh fruit. But let's see in detail how to make Chantilly cream following our recipe step by step.

Chantilly cream, the ingredients

  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar
  • 250 ml of fresh cream
  • Container with cap

Chantilly cream, the preparation

  1. Take the container and pour in the fresh cream
  2. Cut the vanilla bean, taking care to remove the black seeds that are inside the berry, with the help of a small knife
  3. Add the berry and the seeds together with the cream then close the container with its lid and leave it in the fridge overnight: To make the cream flavor well, it would be ideal to let it rest in the fridge for the whole night but if you don't have time you can leave it a couple of hours
  4. The next day, strain the cream with a linen cloth, pour it into a tall, narrow bowl then take an electric mixer and whip the cream
  5. Even after having whipped the cream well, continue to beat to keep the cream soft then gradually add the icing sugar.

Your Chantilly cream it is ready to be enjoyed

Useful information: always use fresh and quality cream to obtain a tasty Chantilly cream

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