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How to protect plants from the cold

How to protect plants from the cold

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With the arrival of winter it is good protect plants from the cold in order to avoid preserving them damage caused by frosts and excessive rain. Each plant species has a specific resistance to low temperatures and frost. Some plants of tropical and subtropical origin, for example, do not have good resistance to cold therefore they must be sheltered in the winter period. Plants from temperate areas, on the other hand, do not require special attention during the winter months. In this regard, here how to protect plants from the cold following some useful indications.

Protect the plants from the cold, protective sheets
Among the measures to repair the cold plants we find the protective sheets in multipurpose polyethylene: they are practical, resistant and can be used both in the construction of tunnel greenhouses and in the covering of pots and plants on the terrace,

Protect the plants from the cold, directions
As we have previously mentioned, not all plants are equally sensitive to cold. Among the plants that adapt more easily to being in a greenhouse we find gerberas, oleanders, fuchsias, pelargoniums, the various species of citrus fruits, especially lemons or bougainvilleas. As an alternative to greenhouses, which require large spaces, these plants in the winter months can be placed in a basement, in a garage or in an unheated closed environment. But beware of the lack of light: there must always be a good degree of lighting, so as not to compromise the health of the plants. If we are dealing with fairly resistant plants, we can protect them already only by leaning them against a wall facing south, and covering them with a cloth: In this way, during clear days, the light radiation will transmit a little warmth to the plants and will heat them thanks to the greenhouse effect guaranteed by the protective cover.
The trunks or perhaps the whole plants can be protected by wrapping the protective sheet around them in such a way as to create a favorable microclimate inside. The same can be done, for example, with geranium pots or other species typically found in planters, wrapping each pot with a cloth.
Useful information: make sure that there are openings in any case to allow air exchange and avoid the formation of condensation which can cause mold and rot. Periodically, it would be advisable to open the cloth and check the conditions of the plants and allow the total air exchange.

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