5 tips for a good winter camping

5 tips for a good winter camping

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Who said thecampingis it summer vacation stuff? For the upcoming Christmas holidays you can organize a winter camping very respectable! There are many strategies to be implemented in order not tosuffer the cold on the campsiteand live the most beautiful adventures even in the coldest temperatures.

On the market there is no shortage of portable stoves and thermal clothing, however very often the best solutions are thosedo-it-yourself,able to fully respond to the needs ofcamper. In short, you can buy a thermal suit but the salesman will not tell you to put it in the sleeping bag with you during the night! So here we take over with our advice to improve the success of yourswinter camping.


Tips for a good winter camping

  1. Avoid sleeping in a sleeping bag that is too large. Fill the additional space of the sleeping bag with the clothes that you will have to wear the next morning: on the one hand the sleeping bag will heat up faster and on the other hand, the next morning, you will not be forced to wear cold clothes.
  2. For thecamping in the coldremember to incorporate a warm bag or hand warmer into the sleeping bag. With the hand warmers it will also be possible to warm the boots before putting them on.
  3. Thermal insulation is important for the energy efficiency of buildings but also for the success of yourswinter camping: get two old heat reflectors, the kind used to cover the car windshield. Sew them together to the two sides of your sleeping bag, the reflective material will help retain the heat inside the sleeping bag and ... so as not to wake up soaked in sweat, better operate on this layer of "do-it-yourself insulation" of the small air holes.

  5. As we have seen with the principle of energy efficiency and thermal insulation, there are numerous theories behind green building that can help you improve the quality of your winter camping,in fact, now we will see how to eliminate moisture and further improve the thermal conditions of your sleeping bag: yoga mats can create an insulating layer between your sleeping bag and the ground, they also decrease the amount of humidity. Take a couple of yoga mats and place them under your sleeping bag, plus when you sleep, avoid keeping your head directly in the bag, the moisture contained in your breath will reduce the efficiency of the insulation of your equipment.
  6. It is painful to say but ... put organic cotton aside and wear synthetic clothing, it retains heat better.

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