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Tronchetto of happiness, cultivation and care

Tronchetto of happiness, cultivation and care

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Among the typical indoor plants of the Christmas period we find the log of happiness, a very decorative plant. Given that the Christmas holidays are about to arrive, it might be a good idea to give this plant as a gift, which among other things has a good omen meaning. The log of happiness, a plant native to tropical Africa and Asia, it has a thick tuft of green leaves streaked with yellow located on the top of the stem. The log of happiness it does not require special care and grows without problems even inside our homes. In this regard, here are some indications on the cultivation and care of log of happiness.

Tronchetto of happiness, useful information

  • Since the plant cannot stand the cold, place it inside the house, in fact, below 15 degrees it begins to show the first signs of suffering: the ideal growth temperature is around 26 degrees with a good humidity.
  • Light is another key factor in growth so make sure it's abundant but not direct
  • Pay attention to the deposits of dust on the leaves, therefore provide for periodic cleaning of the plant, using a damp cloth: on the other hand, avoid specific polishing products for leaves, they damage the plant.
  • Water the plant often especially during the summer, it is preferable to spray water even on the green foliage with the help of a sprayer, in order to increase the humidity: make sure that the substrate is always a little damp, paying attention however to water stagnation.
  • When transplanting into a larger pot, use a soil rich in peat, taking care to place a piece of earthenware next to the drainage hole of the pot: repotting should be done about every two years in spring or even once a year. if it should be noted that the plant has overgrown.
  • Apply a liquid product rich in nitrogen and potassium on a weekly basis, to be mixed with the irrigation water, in autumn-winter, however, you will have to suspend.

ATTENTION: the log of happiness is a valid ally in the fight against domestic pollution, since it has the ability to absorb toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, thus making the air in our homes healthier.

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