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Homemade herb garden

Homemade herb garden

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It is possible to create a small one garden in the house, even in a small house without dirtying, and cultivating ourselves herbs, seedlings, small flowers and some vegetables at all times of the year. It is possible for example with AeroGarden, a home cultivation system that exploits aeroponic cultivation technology, with “almost” guaranteed results even for those who do not have a green thumb.

What is aeroponic cultivation? Simply a process of plant development used in greenhouses without the use of earth or other support structures, ideal for those who want to create a garden in the house without dirtying. The plants are artificially supported with their roots exposed to the air, hence the suffix aero, and are fed by spraying water and nutrients that can also be of biological origin.

It sounds easy, but to build an aeroponic mini-greenhouse yourself you need professional experience and skills, AeroGarden instead it does everything by itself just mount it and follow the instructions. The seller recommends it for a garden in the house of any kind, but we especially for herbs ready to use in the kitchen such as parsley, basil, chives, some salads and so on ...

In addition to the advantage of not getting dirty because no earth is needed, AeroGarden it has a design that fits well into the decor of any home and is programmable to warn when plants lack water or nourishment. There is a smaller version called AeroGarden 3 in addition to the classic model.

Black or white, large or small, certainly the lack of land at the beginning can be a bit destabilizing, and certainly to yours garden in the house it will lack some of the air purification capacity that is also carried out by the soil, but who has tried it ensures that with a correct (organic) diet even aromatic herbs grow fragrant and tasty. Together with AeroGarden are also available to order the kit for the cultivation of aromatic herbs, that of salads, cherry tomatoes and the kit of nutrients.

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