How to protect dogs from the cold

How to protect dogs from the cold

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Just like us humans, our four-legged friends also suffer from the cold. THEdogsolder, short-haired and recently born puppies are more at risk; low temperatures can create a lot of discomfort in the skin dogs which even come to manifest tremors. This is why it is importantprotect dogs from the cold,both if they live at home but even more so if thedoglives in the garden.

It is good practice to add a blanket to the berth and for thedogswho live in the garden, it will be necessary to make changes to the kennel to keep it well insulated from the cold. Adding a door given by a plastic sheet placed in the curtain could be a good idea. THEdogswho experience discomfort with tremors should be covered with a coat.Dress up a dogit does not mean having to buy high fashion items. An adapted blanket can be fine, the important thing is to provide thedogaprotectionappropriate.

The dogit must be protected, in particular, at the level of the trunk, so no hoods or sleeves are needed. On the market there are shirts, shorts or even vests for dress up the dog… But I assure you that you don't need many frills! Indeed, the hoods can only annoy or even harm the animal. What we recommend is that you make your own coat for thedogespecially if this is small in size: if you give a pair of scissors to a sock you will be able to get the perfect coat fordogssmall size! Avoid collars, laces, hoods and sleeves: legs, head and tail must remain completely free!

For thedogswho sleep outdoors, remember to often change the blankets added for the winter period: idogsthey enter the kennel dirty and sometimes even wet, so what should be a blanket to keep them warm could turn into a well of humidity and water.

Other attentions to pay todogin winter

  • Check the bowl of water to make sure it is not frozen
  • Provided to thedogtwo very large meals a day
  • Older and younger dogs should be fed three times a day

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