How to prepare the chainsaw mixture

How to prepare the chainsaw mixture

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Thechainsawsare equipped with two-stroke engines, these run on oneblendparticular, given by petrol and oil. There are ready-to-use products on the market, but those who prefer to save canprepare the chainsaw mixtureeven at home, what is needed is a tool to measure the exact quantities of petrol and oil.

When purchasing the oil, you can choose a package with an integrated measuring cup or, alternatively, you can use a graduated syringe that can be purchased at the pharmacy for a few euro cents.

Theremixture for chainsawit can be prepared by combining petrol with different types of oil:
-mineral oil (the quantity to be measured is provided by the chainsaw manufacturer)
- semi-synthetic oil (here too the percentage to be measured is provided by the chainsaw manufacturer)
- synthetic oil (in this case, refer to the quantities indicated on the oil container)

We remind you that oneblendpoor in oil can doseizetherechainsaw due to poor lubrication. Conversely, a mixture with an excess of oil can damage the combustion chamber and the spark plug as high carbon deposits will form (too much smoke!).

With the use ofunleaded petrol(unleaded petrol), oils specially formulated for well-stressed two-stroke engines should be used. In summary, forprepare a chainsaw mixtureyou need:

  • graduated container large enough to accommodate the mixture
  • oil formulated for two-stroke engines (with built-in measuring cup or syringe)
  • unleaded petrol

Thereblendit should not be prepared directly in the tank but in a graduated container that will allow you to combine the two components with the utmost accuracy. Most often, the builder ofchainsawindicates in the package that the right diet is given by a "5% blend ". What does this mean?

Forprepare a mixtureat 5%, one liter of petrol is added together in the graduated container for every 50 ml of oil. By the same principle, if what you need is oneblendat 2%, you will have to mix 20 ml of oil for each liter of petrol added.

It is also important to mix well before refueling (which must be done strictly with the engine off). Every time you refuel you need to shake the container well as oil and petrol tend to separate.

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