Natural Turkey Breeding

Natural Turkey Breeding

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Those lucky enough to live in the countryside cannot miss the opportunity toraise turkeysaccording to a natural method, between pastures and rustic shelters where iturkeysthey can be sheltered from bad weather. Theturkeyhe is at least as faithful an animal as the dog, with this we do not mean that it is possible to carryturkeyson a leash but just that they are easy tobreed outdoors, they don't run away and no fence is needed.

In you spoke ofturkey breeding, I will report the example of the one set up by the family farm. With us iturkeythey are raised for educational purposes, school groups often visit us and it is nice to see children familiarize themselves with these majestic birds.

The first rule to remember is that you never have to to breed a turkey single, iturkeysthey have a strong grazing aptitude and, luckily for us, they are able to get themselves much of the food they need: having a large surface available, theturkeys they scratch and feed on insects, significantly reducing the cost of any feed.

In Italy thebreedingof theTurkeyit is widespread for food purposes: the meats ofturkeythey are lean and of high nutritional value. Turkey meats are eaten fresh or cured. Those who have 500 square meters available can try their hand atbreedingnatural ofturkeyhosting as many as 20 items.

As for hospitalizations, the concentration ofturkeysis 5 garments per square meter of floor, as for thelaying hens, in the room there must be perches which must occupy three quarters of the surface, the remaining space must be used as a bedding with a 10 cm layer of straw. If you don't have a place, don't despair: the shelter forturkeysit can be set up with straw bales and other recycled materials (old doors, sheds…).

For thebreedingnatural ofturkey, as stated, there is no need to build any fences unless there are predators such as foxes or aggressive dogs. In this case the fence is not for "containment" but for protection. For the choice of the breed, we do not recommend buying garments from industrial farms as they have little rusticity, are poorly adapted to grazing and are more prone to get sick. The rustic local strains are the best forbreedingoutdoors.

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