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Bicycle thieves 65 years later

Bicycle thieves 65 years later

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On November 24, 1948 the film was released in cinemas bike thieves by Vittorio de Sica, on 21 November 2013 the first national FIAB conference on the theft of bicycles. What has changed in 65 years?

The motivations of the gods are probably not the same anymore bike thieves, today pushed a little less by need and a little more by being gods thieves, what instead becomes the same again is the value of an object that, today as then, becomes the distinctive feature of a society that runs, indeed pedal, towards a new well-being.

THE bike thieves they are an obstacle to clean mobility. Yes, because the fear of being robbed, for those who travel by bike, is almost as great as that of being run over. And since today the bicycles they are worth good money - being back in fashion has multiplied sales and raised prices - the fear is also justified.

While there is plenty of literature on house rats and car thieves, gods bike thieves practically nothing is known. Also because bike thefts are often not reported and those that reach the authorities are roughly 40% of those actually perpetrated. Because? Because a bike is given little value and then because it is practically impossible to trace having neither plate nor frame. But things are changing.

In the conference of 21 November organized by the Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle also with the collaboration of Ideegreen, the first we said in Italy dedicated to the theme of theft and bike thieves, we will talk about how other European countries that have been going there for the longest 'by bicycle' deal with the problem of theft, with direct testimonies from the Netherlands and the UK. And we will talk about the reflections of the theft on production and sale of bicycles. The national association of municipalities of Italy and the council of Milan, the city hosting the event, will also have their say.

The conference on thefts e bike thieves it will also be an opportunity to present the results of a survey conducted by FIAB involving thousands of cyclists in various cities through the distribution of a questionnaire for the collection of data (concluded on 30 October) on thefts and reports. The onslusions of the conference, in the form of guidelines, will be published in a technical notebook that FIAB plans to publish in 2014.

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