Kia Soul EV: the first Korean electric car

Kia Soul EV: the first Korean electric car

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In 2014 also the Korean Kia will sell its own in the world electric cars. Starting with Kia Soul EV, which will be the first Korean car totally electric to be marketed outside the market of origin. Kia has been investing in electric mobility for a few years and in 2011 made its fleet of Ray EV prototypes available to select customers and Korean government agencies, now it probably believes the technology is mature enough and is about to make the leap.

This new one electric car you may happen to see it already in road tests. A fleet of camouflaged prototypes of the new Kia Soul EV it is in fact being tested at the Namyang technical center in Korea but also in other specific locations in Europe and North America. This activity should last until the start of serial production, scheduled for mid-2014.

The design of theelectric car EV it is the same as the new and improved Kia Soul 2014, plus version electric it represents a practical and ideal vehicle for commuting (ie the home-to-work journey) with an autonomy that, if promises are kept, will be a reference in the sector. The battery pack consists of elements made with polymer and lithium-ion technology for a total capacity of 27 kWh, indicatively sufficient to ensure a range of at least 200 km per charge also thanks to the braking energy regeneration system .

Of the Kia Soul 2014, the prototypes EV electric currently under development also exploit the platform, derived from that of the cee'd, which has simply been adapted to house the batteries and the 81 kW engine capable of discharging a maximum torque of 285 Nm on the front wheels through a transmission with reduction to fixed ratio. The announced performances are interesting: acceleration from 0 to 100 km in less than 12 seconds and top speed of about 145 kilometers per hour.

Full recharging of the batteries of theelectric car Kia Soul EV it takes about 5 hours if done through a common 240-250 Volt socket; Kia however, he stressed that the same process can take place in just 25 minutes in fast charging mode, using specific energy sources capable of providing an electrical power of 100 Kw.

The typical silence of aelectric car on Kia Soul EV it should still increase inside thanks to the use of special soundproofing materials. For the safety of pedestrians, the quiet running outside will be compensated by the sound produced by the VESS system (Virtual Engine Sound System) which signals the presence of the car in motion below 20 km / h and in reverse.

Attention to the environment also in the choice of materials. In tune with the spirit of aelectric car ecological, the materials used on the Kia Souel EV they are largely of natural origin or recycled: bioplastics, bio foams, bio fabrics, panels obtained with natural raw materials, together with low-emission organic substances and paints of new composition free of pollutants. Still no anticipation on prices.

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