How to dry plants

How to dry plants

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To proceed to the optimumdrying of a plant, this must be harvested at the right time: if the plant is to bedriedfor ornamental use, it should be collected when there are more flowers, on the contrary, if we need todrying a plantto use it asnatural remedy,this must be collected when, presumably, it contains a high number of active ingredients.

When to collect fordry flowers, roots or leaves
If you needdrying the flowers, these must be collected from the beginning of flowering, the leaves and stems must be collected shortly before they have reached full development, the tubers are collected at the time of flowering on the contrary, the bulbs only after flowering. The roots fromdrythey are harvested in autumn if the plant has an annual or biennial cycle, in spring if it is a perennial plant.

L'drying of a plantit is a very delicate operation, with the exception of some specific cases, to proceed with thedryingyou have to follow these points:

  • remove all dead parts or parts affected by infestations
  • after a quick firstdryingin the sun, the vegetable is leftdryfor days in airy and shady places: direct sunlight can alter the quantity of active ingredients contained by the plant species.
  • avoid leavingdryplants on the kitchen windowsill: the vapors from the stoves can compromise the success of thedrying
  • in the case ofdryingbaked, avoid temperatures above 60 ° C, the heat alters the quality of the active ingredients
  • work with modest quantities
  • beforedry the rootsit will be necessary to wash them carefully and eventually cut them into small pieces
  • to promotedryingit is necessary to arrange the plants or their parts on racks or, when it is possible, hang them on wires tied in small bundles

The times ofdryingthey vary from species to species and depend on the amount of water contained. Fleshy roots, stems, and leaves take a long timedry. The fastest part of a plant fromdryis the flower.

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