Who can dispose of the photovoltaic modules?

Who can dispose of the photovoltaic modules?

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Here is thelist of suitable and authorized consortia-systems from GSE to disposal of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life. Without prejudice to the anti-mafia checks, currently underway by the competent prefectures, these are the bodies (at the bottom the link to the complete list) among which the producers of photovoltaic panels must choose to join by 31 March 2013, notifying the consumers.

Buyers should be careful: in the absence of adhesion by the manufacturer of photovoltaic modules to a disposal consortium system among those on the list, the Energy Service Manager GSE will not admit the new plants to the incentives and will proceed to cancel the measures already issued to recognize the incentive tariffs, with consequent recovery of the sums unduly received.

The obligation of the producers of photovoltaic modules to join a disposal system-consortium is established by the Interministerial Decrees of May 5, 2011 (Fourth Energy Account) and of 5 July 2012 (Fifth Energy Account) and refers to plants that entered into operation as from 1 July 2012.

The systems-consortia included in the list are those which, in compliance with the indications, have sent the documentation to the GSE (declaration of indemnity, declaration of availability of the network / policies / authorizations, deed establishing the negotiating instrument, substitute declaration provided for by art. 4.a9.c provided by the fund manager) in compliance with 'Technical Regulations for the definition and verification of the technical requirements of the Systems / Consortia for the recovery and recycling of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life'.

Among the leading companies in Italy, Remedia TSR, is the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the operations necessary for proper disposal: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal of photovoltaic modules.

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