How to dispose of photovoltaic panels

How to dispose of photovoltaic panels

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We are the land of the sun andsolar power it is spreading more and more in Italian culture and on the rooftops of the nation. The installation of thephotovoltaic panelsit has brought benefits both in economic and environmental terms. However sooner or later whoever has installed a Solar Panel he will have to replace it, as it is exhausted, with another more efficient and modern one.

How to dispose of photovoltaic panels. Duration
Over the years, the yield of photovoltaic panels decreases proportionally. After 20/25 years from installation, it is in fact convenient to install a new system that produces more energy than an obsolete system.

How to dispose of photovoltaic panels. The procedure
Do-it-yourself is highly discouraged for this operation, both for logistical reasons and above all for disposal.

Before proceeding to disposal of photovoltaicsit is necessary to understand the composition of the panels that are part of it. If the photovoltaic panel contains silicon, then the same procedure used for WEEE disposal will apply. The legislation that regulates the disposal of photovoltaic panels in Italy is Legislative Decree 151/2005, which associates these panels with common household appliances, or rather "waste from electrical and electronic equipment". If the plant contains a substance called "cadmium tellorideWhich is a toxic substance then dispose of the photovoltaic panels it becomes more complicated as there are other legal regulations governing its disposal.

How to dispose of photovoltaic panels. Who to contact
To remove and dispose of the photovoltaic panels we have to contact the company that installed them years before. If this is not possible, we can contact a Consortium which deals with the disposal of the panels, such as the Remedia. The Consortium will not only provide for dispose of but also to recover the raw materials of the exhausted panels.

Remedia TSR, is the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the operations necessary for proper disposal: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal of photovoltaic panels.

All metal and glass parts will be recycled in Italy, while the cell will be sent abroad for disposal. With this procedure we speak of home disposal of photovoltaics.

Who will have to cover the expenses for dispose of the photovoltaic panels? The installer or the client? Unless otherwise indicated in the acquisition contract, the cost of disposal must be borne by the customer without forgetting the possibility of any incentives for disposal and above all, without forgetting to update on legislative matters. The regulations in the area of renewable are constantly evolving as well as the thriving market.

Pending the new regulations, it is important to point out that thanks to the agreement signed between Cobat (National Collection and Recycling Consortium) and the Ifi Committee, which gathers 80 percent of the photovoltaic industries, the first Italian collection chain is born, the recycling and disposal of photovoltaic panels.

By joining the supply chain, both Italian producers and distributors / importers will be able to guarantee the collection and subsequent recycling of exhausted photovoltaic modules to their customers, and issue them with the certification requirements necessary to benefit from the incentive rates provided for by the Energy Account.

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