Electronic waste, smart bins arrive

Electronic waste, smart bins arrive

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Also in Italy the smart bins for the collection of WEEE, i electronic waste. The pilot project was launched in 2012 and one year later, it becomes effective also in Italy: i smart bins come into operation in Bologna and in other cities of Emilia Romagna

The project is called Identis Weee, is supported by the European Union and was developed by the Hera group, the Ecolum foundation and Ecolight, a national consortium for electronic waste management, batteries and accumulators.

Identis Weee aims to double the collection of materials such as mobile phones, light bulbs, tv, appliances and others electronic waste which represent a gold mine of precious materials.

The new ones smart bins are unique in Europe, they come into operation only with magnetic cards (such as health cards) and Hera cards, distributed to 19,000 families so as to trace the entire path of disposal of Weee. The project has a value of about 3.5 million euros, of which half was financed by the European Union and the remainder by the multiutility and other partners.

The spread of smart bins started in Bologna and Emilia Romagna, but will soon be distributed throughout Italy. According to data from the WEEE coordination center, in 2012 alone, each Italian inhabitant produced 4 kilos of electronic waste, equal to 140 thousand tons of Weee collected in the year.

The Identis Weee project provides for different types of containers, the first will complement the classic bins of separate waste collection and are more compatible with street furniture: they have small dimensions. Other types will be located near large stores such as Leroy Merlin and Ikea. THE smart bins larger ones will be placed in the parking lots of shopping centers.

The first smart bins they will be located in the districts of Bologna, Castenaso, Ravenna and Lugo. The other two types will be set up in the commercial areas of Ravenna, Ferrara and Rimini.

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