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Save on home heating

Save on home heating

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With the arrival of winter we have to deal with the Home heating! In fact, soon it will be necessary to turn on radiators and stoves, operations that affect one's home economy. To save on Home heating attention must be paid to some important aspects that we will list below in the article.

Save on home heating, insulation of the walls
If you have to buy or renovate your house, be very careful in choosing the materials to insulate it, preferring natural materials such as hemp, straw, expanded perlite, cellulose wool, cork which seems to be the most valid.

Save on home heating, windows and drawers for roller shutters
To avoid unwanted drafts and heat losses, the fixtures play a decisive role, it should be of the new generation, with thermoregulating glass.
The shutters drawers should be insulated inside with foam rolls: it will also protect you from excessive noise pollution

Save on home heating, radiant panels
Thanks to the radiant panels it is possible to radiate the heat from the floor or walls by completely eliminating the traditional radiator. Radiation of heat from below leads to lower temperatures in the system and significant energy savings.

Save on home heating, useful information

  • Do not keep a temperature higher than 19 degrees at home: temperatures not exceeding 18 degrees are recommended in the bedroom.
  • Keep the door of the individual rooms closed when the heating is on.
  • Close the shutters at night
  • In the rooms of the house that you do not frequent, close the radiators and always keep the shutters down.
  • Air for 5 minutes every day, no more, so that the heat does not disperse unnecessarily
  • Bleed the air present in the system pipes which tends to deposit in the radiators, preventing their full performance and causing unnecessary work for the boiler. If your radiators do not have an air vent valve, you can decide to have it installed by your trusted plumber.

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