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Katy Perry, a threat to biodiversity?

Katy Perry, a threat to biodiversity?

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If I sayROARwhat comes to your mind? Someone will think of the verse of Leo, others will think of the latest single by Katy Perry! Yes, today we are talking about her, I never thought I'd write an article about Katy Perry in the category Gardening of this portal. What does it has to do with it Katy Parry with the editors, he didn't dedicate a song to us but he implemented an equally sweet idea; his new album features a very peculiar packaging, a case that incorporates seeds that will sprout during next spring.

The album is titledPrism and while the Star Katytweets where he invites his fans to plant those seeds for "spread the light ", the Australian Department of Agriculture considers it a risk tobiodiversity. In Australia, the album begins to spread without any hesitation - the seeds are locally sourced - but the Australian authorities have blocked imports of the international version of the album. The reason? The seeds contained inside could pose a risk to habitats due to the possible presence of potentially invasive species!

Invasive species pose a great threat tobiodiversity,they can devastate entire ecosystems. Second "The Independent ", copies ofPrismfrom abroad could be confiscated and not pass border control.

A prism of seeds to plant integrated in the limited version of the Deluxe Edition of the AlbumPrism.But exactly which seeds are they? In the Australian version, the seeds are native daisies originating in the western area, the Swan River, similar to those by which the pop star from Santa Barbara is surrounded on the album cover.

The gesture ofKaty Perry, if by fans he was read as an ecologist and friend of nature, by the Australian authorities he was seen as a threat to nature! What is certain is that the album is shortly after its debutPrismwas already a box-office champion in 69 countries!

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