Energy saving

The insulation of the fixtures

The insulation of the fixtures

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From an evolutionary point of view the heat production it was the invention that allowed man to populate all areas of the Earth: from the first fires lit in caves to the most recent geothermal plants, the heat production it is also the process that requires the greatest energy expenditure and therefore the greatest pollution.

With theinsulation of the fixturesthe aim is to maximize heating efficiency: the first step to take forsave on heatingis thermal insulation. The heat produced by the heating systems is lost through walls, walls, floors, windows and doors. When it comes toinsulationit is better to start from fixtures. You start with the windows by adjusting hinges and hinges better, the sashes must match perfectly so as not to leave drafts.

Just to eliminate drafts, in home goods stores or at a good hardware store, it is possible to buy adhesive shims that must be applied to the fixtures. A more radical intervention, especially recommended in the northern area of ​​the house, consists in the installation of double glazing and insulating glass, it is not necessary to change the windows, on the market there are those that can be adapted to any type of pre-existing window.

When it comes tothermal efficiencythe so-called "U factor ". The U factor represents the thermal transmittance which expresses the amount of heat that in the unit of time can pass through a surface element of 1 square meter in the presence of a temperature difference of one degree between the inside and the outside. In other words, in Factor U it represents the complex of thermal exchanges between the external surface of a wall and the internal one. Plus theU factorof a material is high the less suitable that material will be for construction use, on the contrary, the lower the U value and the greater itsthermal insulation.

With double glazing the U value decreases drastically: a double glazing consists of two sheets with an interposed cavity filled with dry air. Double glazing exploits the low thermal conductivity of the air forinsulate house.

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