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Natural remedies for plant diseases

Natural remedies for plant diseases

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For take care of our plants it is not necessary to resort to chemical treatments. In this regard, let's see how to cure plants naturally against disease,following some of our indications.

How to cure plants naturally against disease, directions

  • In case of worms in the soil, place a slice of raw potato near the plant: it will serve to remove them
  • To remove the parasite larvae, plant some aromatic plants such as basil for example
  • To remove the cabbage butterflies from the garden, arrange all around the plants of sage, thyme and mint
  • To keep aphids away, use the anise or coriander plant. Alternatively, you can also treat the affected parts with a jet of water and then with a solution based on water and Marseille soap.
  • To protect the plants from the ravenous snails, you can sprinkle some ash or salt all around. Alternatively, you can also neutralize them by using the beer left over: just leave it on display next to plants and flowers of which they are most fond. You will see that already the next day our predators will lie drunk and can therefore easily be eliminated.

How to cure plants against white sore and black spot

  • To treat plants in case of a bad white you can try a solution consisting of a spoonful of baking soda in a liter of water.
  • If it is a black spot, the most effective remedy is the so-called Bordeaux mixture, it is a mixture made of copper sulphate mixed with hydrated lime: once the mixture is done, you will then have to spray the most affected leaves about once a month.

Here are many natural remedies to treat our garden plants, but above all they are harmless to the environment and man.

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