VW announces the launch of two electric cars

VW announces the launch of two electric cars

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ThereVolkswagendoes not disappoint any expectations and so he makes his official announcement: soon it will be possible to buy theGolfand theup!with electric motorization. They are called respectivelye-Golfede-Up!(yes, with the exclamation mark) and are the first two cars with electric powertrains from the manufacturerVolkswagen.

Both cars were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, both thee-Golf, both thee-up!have been equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that for thee-Up!counts 18.7 kWh and for thee-Golfit costs 24.2.

As for the electric drive, the engine of the smalleste-Up!it has a power of 60 kW and 82 hp with a maximum torque, available immediately, of 210 NmVolkswagen e-Up!it has a declared range of 99 miles (equivalent to 159 km). The electric engine of theVolkswagen e-Golfis more powerful: 85 kW and 115 hp with a maximum torque - also in this case available immediately, as on all electric engines - of 270 Nm.e-Golfautonomy is also extended, thanks to the more powerful battery pack, 190 km are reached, excellent if you consider that the average Italian motorist travels less than 100 km a day!

The production numbers have not yet been formalized and neither are the debut dates on the market of thee-Golf. The smalleste-Up!should be marketed from spring 2014.

Being an electric motor, the 210 Nm of torque of the e-Up!are available immediately, so the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 12.4 seconds, against 13.2 seconds for the petrol version. The declared maximum speed is 130 km / h. ThereVolkswagen e-Up!offers charging times of 30 minutes to fill 80% of the battery capacity. These times can only be covered with fast charging, the charging times that can be carried out at home are very different: we are talking about 9 hours.

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