How to cultivate the vegetable garden

How to cultivate the vegetable garden

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Do you own a small piece of land around your home? It might be a good idea to make one vegetable garden. Having our own vegetables and aromatic plants represents a source of economic savings. But not only! A little vegetable garden all ours allows us to eat fresh and wholesome food, not treated with pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals. It will be possible to sow all year round and this will depend on the life cycle of the chosen varieties. In this regard, here how to cultivate the vegetable garden following some useful indications.

The space needed for the vegetable garden depends on how much we want to take away from the rest of the garden and on your needs: with 40 square meters of land, the summer production of the garden will easily satisfy the needs of 4 people.

How should thevegetable garden?

  • Well exposed to the sun, preferably oriented from east to west
  • Sheltered from wind and winter weather, especially frosts.
  • Fenced around the perimeter to protect the plants.

What is needed for grow vegetables?
The right equipment will certainly facilitate all cultivation and maintenance operations: you will need a tiller to turn and chop the soil in a short time, in addition to common garden tools such as the hoe, spade and rake.

How to cultivate the vegetable garden, useful information

  • Divide the sowing throughout the year, establishing an agenda at the beginning of each vintage: to get a more precise idea of ​​the sowing periods, it is advisable to consult a special calendar
  • Optimize space by also resorting to vertical crops: just take advantage of walls and fences exposed to the sun to develop climbing species such as peas, green beans or pumpkins, etc.
  • Equip yourself with a tap for irrigation
  • Water the vegetable garden at sunset or early in the morning, to avoid thermal changes in the plants and waste of water caused by the heat that evaporates the water before it reaches the roots
  • On sandy soils irrigate more frequently: they absorb more water,
  • On clayey soils, water more sparingly to avoid stagnation of water

How to cultivate the vegetable garden, sowing
You can proceed with the planting of the seedlings that you will buy in the nurseries: the seedlings of seasonal vegetables can also be planted for less than 20 cents each.
Alternatively, you can proceed with sowing: seed sachets are on sale in nurseries. Sowing must be done in advance in small pots and then buried in the right period.

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