How to introduce fish into the aquarium

How to introduce fish into the aquarium

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How to introduce fish into the aquarium: here is a practical guide on how to start a freshwater aquarium by adding the first ones correctly fishes.

Add the first fish to the aquarium it is not a difficult task, however it is necessary to follow some precautions to ensure the maximum adaptation of the fish to the new environment.

How to introduce fish into the aquarium

The most common aquariums are those of 100 liters. With freshwater tanks of this capacity, up to 20 small fish can be introduced. Those wishing to adopt larger fish will have to drastically reduce the number. Introducing more than 20 fish into a 100-liter aquarium would risk altering the balance of the small ecosystem. The fish, with their metabolism, pollute the water and, especially when starting the aquarium, the utmost caution is required.

When setting up an aquarium, it is important that the introduction phase of thefishestake place gradually. The fish must be introduced after having created a substrate (the seabed) with the classic plants.

After embellishing the aquarium with plants, you can proceed by introducing a few specimens of fish, no more than three or four. The first fish will have to be chosen among the most robust and resistant species such as, for example, fishBrachydanio rerio or the Tanichtys albonubes.

Only after at least a couple of weeks (15 - 20 days) will it be possibleto introduceother fish in the aquarium without taking risks.

Why should fish be introduced into the aquarium so slowly?

The waiting times and the precautions described above are not given at random. The reason for this prudence and waiting lies in the graduality with which the microbial population of the filter is created. The filter is the beating heart of the aquarium: it is only thanks to the filter that it is possible to guarantee clear and livable water for the introduced species. The microbial population of the filter is able to metabolize the load of waste produced by the fish.

On the one hand, fish metabolism producespollutantsfor the aquarium, on the other hand, the metabolism of the microbial population of the filter neutralizes the pollutants produced by the fish. If we put the fish in the tank, all together, the production of organic waste would override the activity of the filter microorganisms.

By introducing the fish gradually, we allow the "good bacteria" to fully colonize the filter so as to be able to purify the dirty water of the tank.

In the start-up phase of the aquarium it is also advisable to introduce the so-calledCleaner fish, these are species that perform the very useful function of scavengers. The cleaner fish, depending on the species, clean the bottom of food scraps or the surface of leaves and glass by feeding on algae.

Not only the waiting times between the introduction of one fish and the other are important, but also the methods. In addition to allowing a gradual growth of the bacterial colonies that form the aquarium's filtering system, it is important to add the fish to the tank in the right way, so as not to cause thermal shock. For this purpose, the specimens must be added with the entire bag, so that the temperature of the water present in the bag / container of the fish will be as close as possible to the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

Generally, aquariums are heated while during transport, the water of the newly purchased fish will tend to cool down. As soon as you get home, turn off the tank lights and immerse the new fish in the tank including the bag. Leave the bag closed in the aquarium for at least 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, open the bag and add aquarium water inside. To add water, you can use a simple glass. In this way, the fish will gradually get used not only to the temperature but also to the chemical conditions of the water. Finally, gently allow the fish to swim freely in the aquarium.

The day you introduce the first fish into the aquarium, it is advisable not to administer food but to add it to the tank only the following day.

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