Pellet fireplace, advantages

Pellet fireplace, advantages

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Wood-burning domestic fireplaces have always aroused a certain charm in the home especially for the particular domestic atmosphere that is created… in short, everyone likes having a nice crackling fireplace in your home environment. Wood-burning fireplaces, however, require a bit of forethought and, if you do not have the skills, the use of chemicals for lighting, such as the famous devil, becomes almost inevitable.

Certainly wood-burning fireplaces will never set, but for some years now, pellet fireplaces have also become quite popular. Thanks to the performance and advantages of pellet combustion, these types of fireplaces ensure the same extraordinary welcoming effect as a fireplace.
It is a full-blown fireplace that exploits the combustion of pellets: a renewable fuel obtained from dried sawdust which is then compressed into small cylinders with a diameter of a few millimeters.

Pellet fireplace, advantages

There are those who think that a modern pellet fireplace loses its charm. Nothing could be more wrong, given that the pellet fireplaces can be inserted directly into the traditional fireplace, without having to give up the charm of the old home fireplace. Pellet fireplaces offer numerous advantages in terms of savings and comfort: unlike traditional fireplaces, pellet is a particularly economical fuel, therefore it allows you to save a lot on heating costs. It is no longer necessary to procure firewood, which among other things must also be stacked.

Other advantages should be emphasized, such as the low emission of pollutants, the practicality of ignition and great safety. The pellet also has a very high energy content, therefore, for the same volume, it can produce much more heat than the classic piece of wood.

The pellet stove can also be connected to an existing heating system in the house, in addition to the possibility of installing it with a flue that is not too large and far from the exhaust.

How a pellet fireplace works

The pellet fireplace is able to retain the heat in its combustion chamber for a long time due to the closed hearth, and then slowly release it through the coating which can be of cast iron, majolica and ceramic.
They are equipped with a burner and a special tank to contain the pellets. Some pellet fireplaces, called thermo-fireplaces, have a system capable of heating the water for the radiators, for further savings on bills.

For further information, we recommend reading the article "How to buy good pellets, the guide"

The ignition can be automatic and can be adjusted in temperature using normal thermostats or chronothermostats.
Most of these stoves are automatic: ignition, power adjustment, quantity of air or hot water are automatic, if the electric current fails, the stove stops and starts to work automatically when it returns.
It can be managed electronically, switched on and off with the remote control, programmed from your smartphone: that is, definitely at the forefront in the field of ecological heating

Cleaning the pellet fireplace

Cleaning the pellet fireplace is a very simple operation. Just clean the thermal glass frequently (to avoid dirt deposits) and, every 3-4 days, empty the ash drawer or remove it with the classic shovel. Be careful not to use a vacuum cleaner because its filter could get clogged.

Is there a stove without a flue?

When we talk about a stove without flue does not mean that the stove has no exhaust pipe, we refer to that type of heating system for which only the installation of an 8 cm pipe with a terminal mushroom protruding from the wall is required. .

The new UNI 10683 standard states that it is necessary to request the intervention of expert and qualified flue technicians able to install your type of stove without flue in complete safety, in compliance with current regulations and able to issue you the certification of system which, remember, it is mandatory to release.

How much does a pellet stove cost?

Prices vary a lot. A pellet fireplace has a variable price from 700 up to even over 2,500 euros for design ones. In any case, before buying it, always ask for the help of a specialized and authorized technician who will recommend the system that best suits your needs.

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