Obese cat: what to do

Obese cat: what to do

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Obese cat, how to make it go back to the standard size cat flap? Let him go back to walking and not to roll, let him go back to leaps as a worthily wont do healthy and free feline to be himself? It is often the bad domestic and human habits that make a obese cat, so it is also a bit up to us to help these animals regain their shape, happiness and health.

Obese cat, obese owner, and vice versa, it is not a rule, it is certain that the cat assumes the bad habits of the house or suffers them. -Instead, it would be good for each owner to know how much a cat should eat. Today one in four cats is overweight and therefore has gods severe health problems and a shorter life. Other than the 7 lives of cats, this is not true if it is an obese cat.

Obese cat: how to calculate the ideal weight

If I scared you, it wasn't my intention. Now I would not like you to look at your cat with suspicion and fear, maybe just a little roundish or with voluminous fur. So here is some information to understand, weight in hand, if you have a obese cat at home or not.

It is not an easy evaluation, that of the ideal weight, even in purebred specimens although they have well-defined standards, they admit a variability of 20 - 30%. Let alone for the mixed cats therefore the calculation must take into account body size, sex, bone structure and metabolic status, as well as age. You can get an opinion from the vet, who should have a trained eye, and then help you choose a possible one diet program to put back the obese cat fully operational.

Estimated the ideal weight, you have a obese cat if its weight exceeds that of its ideal weight by 40%. To weigh our obese cat, or not, you pick it up by climbing the scale and then weigh yourself, and then subtract the two measures, like child's play. For a more accurate measurement you can use the scales at the vet or borrow the one to weigh the children, but the cat must be persuaded to sit still.

Obese cat: causes

A obese cat he is obese because he leads a sedentary lifestyle, which can often happen in an apartment. Overweight is also linked to unregulated eating habits, in which one pinches from the table, other people's table, the human one, and there are no timetables or rules for distributing snacks during the day.

Without breaking the second but, as also for people, for cats it would be good to have a certain rigor in the diet. Times, quantities and number of snacks. A little order and discipline for us and for them and us, just hand them the leftovers or treats just because, like nice scoundrels and pain in the ass, they meow in front of us, winking. Or stressing us out

.Obese cat: consequences

When a cat is obese, it is not only aesthetically unpleasant but it is also at risk of serious illness if not death. Serious overweight increases the risk of disease to the cardiocirculatory system, for example, and among the diseases related to obesity there is also the diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, joint diseases and other various metabolic diseases including, even if indirectly, the hepatic lipidosis. Me too'arthritis is lurking in the life of a obese cat.

Obese cat: how to make them lose weight

It is possible to make a obese cat, and it's even easier than it looks. Because the cat is a stubborn animal and if you convince him that it is good for him, that he must, that it suits him, then it is done, or almost. The rest is up to you, your contribution to his health.

Sure to deal with a obese cat one cannot focus on dialogue or willpower: everything will seem exaggerated, annoying, punitive. He may hate you at times, but then he will understand why you are doing all this. For example, exercise! Every obese cat needs at least 10-20 minutes of exercise a day to start losing weight.

To help him in this commitment we can get hold of toys, stop him, cords or puppets he prefers and then lend us to play with the animal frequently. Not a perfect toy to make the obese cat like crazy is the red laser.

It is also important how the food is administered. Absolutely forbidden to leave overflowing bowls at any time, always accessible croquettes and owners who live and make live the obese cat unregulated. And in addition to not being too messy, we must also be proactive, active, and not give in to courtship or to the insistence of which a obese cat he is capable if he wants to get something to swallow.

Taken from the vein to heal the obese cat we do not make the mistake of completely eliminating lunches or foods from your diet: the portions must be progressively reduced, never completely removed. A couple of days of fasting can cause serious damage to the cat's liver, and the diet must always be balanced. And quality: choosing food that isn't canned low cost, rich in unhealthy substances, it can be a good way to make our obese cat feel better, focusing on branded foods or in any case made and packaged with care.

You can also contact the veterinarian. So that without making the cat gorge, it can still have the correct protein content. There is no need to do the obese cat a phenomenon of undernutrition. Do-it-yourself is dangerous because if our menu is not calculated and studied more than well, they can arise deficiency and vitamin and mineral. When dealing with an obese cat diet it can also be useful to keep a food diary.

Obese cat: sterilization

It is true that a sterilized cat risks becoming a obese cat but it is not at all obvious or automatic. It is not written anywhere, it is a question of knowing how to choose and knowing how to lead a healthy life despite everything.

There sterilization acts on the action of sex hormones and also on the metabolism by decreasing the thyroid hormone. This leads to a lowering ofmetabolic activity but the only tangible change is the calorie requirement which can decrease by 5-10%. If you don't know how to adapt to the new standard then the cat has a strong chance of becoming a obese cat.

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