Piracanta, perfect for the hedge

Piracanta, perfect for the hedge

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All the instructions for growing the piracantato decorate the garden or to set up onehedge. The planting, the pruning of the piracantaand disease prevention.

Therepiracantait is the perfect species to decorate the garden, create colored walls or to set up one hedge.

To decorate the perimeter of the garden, create separations with a high aesthetic value or to create onehedge, lovers ofgreenthey can choose to cultivate bamboo or the most colorful piracanta. The piracanta has branches covered with yellow, orange or red fruits.

The long supple branches can be tied to a support structure so as to constitute a separation element on the perimeter wall of the property or to delimit two different areas of the garden.

The species ofpiracantathe most cultivated are P. coccinea, P. crenulata and P. angustifolia. Therepiracanta belongs to the botanical family of Rosaceae, it is a shrub evergreenvery simple from cultivate. This shrub develops quickly, needs little care and, being a rustic plant, is very resistant.

It is in autumn that thepiracantait is covered with small round berries that it develops following thefloweringspring-summer. The small white flowers brighten the garden in fine seasons, while the colorful berries do so between autumn and winter.

The planting of the piracanta

Theperiodbest to start cultivation is inAutumnwhen it will be possible to continue with the planting in a bright and sunny place. The sun must be able to irradiate the piracanta for at least half a day.

This plant grows well in fresh and well-drained soil, in the planting holes you can add fertile soil and organic fertilizer (or well-ripened manure).

Therepiracantait doesn't need manycare, is inclined toillnesses. It is a rustic plant and resistant to winter cold. It is suitable for makinghedgeseven in northern Italy, where it will not be necessary to protect it with shelters.

Grow a hedge with the piracanta

To plant thepiracantafor the realization of ahedge, it will be necessary to dig holes about 50 cm apart. Each hole should be only 30cm deep. Put organic fertilizer on the bottom of the holes and fill the root system with light and fresh soil on top.

To get a nice visual effect, you can makehedgesoffering berries of a single color, or juxtaposed in orderchromatictwo or more red, orange and yellow plants, creating a wave of shades.

Thanks topiracantait is also possible to cultivatehedgeshigher. For a tall hedge or to cover a wall or railing, you can take advantage of the long branches of this plant. Remember that the branches need supports to cling to during growth: if you do not have a railing or a gate where you can grow the tall hedge of piracanta, you can create supports with poles and string. The support grid can be built with vertical poles connected with the classic iron wires that run horizontally between one pole and the other. It will be thanks to this grid that the piracanta can stand upright.

The pruning of the piracanta

To perform the pruning of the piracanta we recommend the use of ratchet scissors. The ratchet scissors are very versatile, have no preference for tree species and are suitable for cutting branches of woody, semi-woody or in general of branches that usually are harder and need a clean cut.

Always sterilize the scissors before you start pruning to avoid the risk of disease. Why do we recommend ratchet scissors?

The ratchet system allows you to distribute the effort of the cut evenly and, depending on the diameter of the branch, it is possible to activate the ratchet and obtain a clean cut with minimum effort. Ratchet scissors are not very expensive. A good item with excellent value for money can be found on Amazon for € 8.05 with free shipping. These are the Brüder ratchet scissors, they have an aluminum body to ensure maximum handling. Guarantees clean cuts without crushing and are suitable for gardening in the home.

Therepiracantadoes not require interventions ofpruningintensive. The only onepruningnecessary is to shorten the berry-free tips with the sole purpose of maintaining thehedgeor the course of the plant, ordered and with the desired shape.

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