Grafting tools, selection guide

Grafting tools, selection guide

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Grafting tools: grafting knife, scissors for grafting the vine, scissors for grafting omega or scudetto and all the materials useful for grafting any type of plant.

The most delicate part of the operationgraftingis the cut. A choked cut or full of burrs can affect the taking root and the success of the operation. Thegrafting toolsthey must ensure a clean and clean cut, able to heal quickly and favor its taking root.

Anygrafting toolit must be well sharpened and disinfected before use. Thegrafting toolsthe best are light, manageable, easy to use and above all resistant over time.

Grafting knives

Among the equipment for grafting, i knivesthey are widespread. The structure of thegrafting knifemust vary according to the type of grafting to be done.

  • For thecrown graft fixed blade knives, also calledto ronchettoor asickle.
  • For thesplit graft slitting knives are recommended, with their particular square shape.
  • For thedouble split graft English and crown, you can use the "Germanic" type knives.
  • For thepatch graft you can use the double blade knife.
  • For thezufolo graft the particular grafting knife with four blades is recommended.
  • The least widespread triangle coupling it is performed with the homonymous triangle knife.
  • For the very commonbud graftor for any herbaceous grafting, knives are used which have a protrusion on the portion opposite the blade.

L'triangle couplingit is particularly suitable for fruit trees, first of all apple, pear, apricot, plum, cherry and quince. The triangle grafting knife has fixed angle blades so as to allow a perfect incision of the rootstock, favoring a more rapid rooting of the scion.

A triangle grafting knife with a top quality steel blade is offered on Amazon at a price of 24.10 euros with shipping costs included in the price. The price drops to € 17.20 for those who decide to buy other Ausonia grafting tools and gardening items.

The grafting knife with the square blade is well suited for scudetto or gem grafting, wedge grafting and for grafting semi-woody and woody species. A good classic grafting knife, with a steel blade signed Rolson is offered on Amazon at a price of 14.21 euros with free shipping.

Grafting scissors

More expensive than knives are grafting scissors. Grafting scissors allow you to make an incision more easily: you don't need to have any particular manual skills to be able to graft! Thanks to scissors everyone can make even the most difficult omega grafting.

Among the various purchase proposals, I would like to point out what appear to be the best value for money grafting scissors:

  • Professional grafting scissors - "Tink-sky Professional"
    Price 29.99 euros.
  • Professional grafting scissors - "Minidiva Garden Professional "
    Price: 26.65 euros.

These grafting scissors allow you to easily obtain cuts aomega, split and interlocking (U, V and omega cuts), it is also equipped with two additional blades and the classic blades for pruning the plant. Thegrafting scissors mentionedhave similar characteristics.

Made of steel and durable plastic. The cutting system for grafting is particularly suitable for grafting fruit plants even if it fits well on woody branches (roses, vines and other ornamental plants). Both prices indicated include free shipping costs. Although they are presented asgrafting toolsprofessional, these scissors cannot go beyond one centimeter in diameter.

Professional grafting machine

Those who intend to graft with scions and rootstocks with a diameter of 2 cm will have to buy a real professional grafting machine.

A good product with an excellent value for money is the Stocker professional manual grafting machine, offered on Amazon at a price of about € 37.80 including shipping costs. This professional stapler allows you to cut branches up to 2 cm in diameter by practicing only the V cut, therefore with fixed blades that can only be changed once consumed.

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