American bulldog: character and price

American bulldog: character and price

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American bulldog, a dog not officially recognized as a breed by the FCI but which turns out to be an excellent animal for the guarding of livestock, for wild boar hunting and as guard dogs. Docile, easy to train, powerful and harmonious. Its origins are American, there are several variants: they depend on the "doses" English Bulldog, Pointer, Boxer and Saint Bernard.

American Bulldog: origins

The race ofAmerican bulldog, official or not, she was selected by two breeders: John D. Johnson and Allen Scott, which give the name to two of at least 4 existing variants. Everything, forAmerican Bulldog, was born with the arrival overseas of the Old English Bulldog with the British colonists.

When the governor Richard Nicolls he found himself facing the problem of wild cattle on the island of Manhattan and in the present Bronx, he called herds of this dog to him on the spot. While the english bulldog he remained at home becoming a companion dog after crossing with the pug, L'Amerìcan bullodg it has remained as it is with both its physical and character characteristics. And it is not a pet but rather used in ranches and farms in the Middle Eastern and Southern United States.

American Bulldog: standard

It is not recognized by the International Cynotechnic Federation (F.C.I.) the standard of'American Bullldog but from the U.K.C. Yup. It is a dog of medium size, of great power and dynamism. Males are 58 to 69 cm tall at the withers for 40 - 55 kg, females are between 53 and 63 cm at the withers and weigh between 32 and 45 kg.

This breed always shows great strength, has a solid constitution, is a lot muscled but this is not at the expense of agility: it is snappy. The head of theAmerican bulldog it is square, broad, with a neck and shoulders rich in powerful muscles, the hair, short, can be White or of various graduations of white, or piebald with brown, red or light brown and black. There are four types of this animal: the Bully or Johnson , lo Scott, the Painter or Margentina and thehybrid, called Hybrid.

American Bulldog Johnson

One of the two selectors of American bulldog is Mr. JD Johnson and from him the name to one of the most common variants, the one where the similarities with the English bulldog remain very visible, West Champs High Hopes, the ancestor. It vaguely resembles a boxer, this variation of American Bulldog, and tends to have a large size and suffer from hip dysplasia. Precisely for this reason the Johnson variant is not suitable for hunting wild boar or working with livestock compared to other American Bulldog lines.

American Bulldog Scott

This version of American Bulldog derives from the choices made by the other creator of the race, that is Allen Scott. Looking at it compared to the other variants it resembles a Pit Bull and is used as a utility dog. So as a hunting or guard dog, on large farms. We must imagine it in large expanses to be protected, those of some United States very different from our landscape. Nothing detracts from that'American bulldog has a good character and can be easily kept indoors.

American Bulldog: character

Just take a look at this dog's muzzle and see his determined and serious expression to understand who you are dealing with when you are in the presence of a real American bulldog.We will never see him too shy or, on the contrary, too aggressive with man, he remains faithful to his master to the point of heroism. In general theAmerican bulldog he is a dog of excellent intelligence, very obedient and therefore well trainable.

It has to do a lot of exercise but, respecting this need, it is a breed that can stay at home if necessary. It gets along very well with the whole family, according to what those who took one say, and protects it a lot. It does from caretaker and watches over the house instead of the prairie.

American Bulldog: price

A puppy of American bulldog it has a price starting from 600 euros and can grow a lot. Not being a recognized breed it is more difficult to say and it also has 4 variants with different uses. It is a dog and a dog that must be kept in shape, in line but also energetic. Its beauty lies in its mammoth and athletic power.

L'supply therefore it must be very well looked after, as for any Molosser. L'American Bulldog usually it requires 400-500 grams of food per day divided into two meals, then for the rest it does not require special care and veterinary expenses are still average. It should be taken into account that on average he lives about 16 years.

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